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    The FlexTRAK-2MB plasma system is designed for high throughput, inline processing of microelectronic devices held in boats, trays or other carriers.

Plasma System for High-Throughput, Inline Boat Processing The patented plasma module provides exceptional uniformity and run-to-run process repeatability. Its advanced three axis symmetrical plasma chamber ensures control over all process parameters and highly repeatable results.

The system seamlessly integrates into a production line, while accommodating a wide range of boat sizes, yielding unmatched production flexibility. Its compact plasma chamber and proprietary process control system minimize cycle time.

The integrated boat handler of the FlexTRAK-2MB plasma system provides rapid material transfer, up to 2 boats per plasma cycle. Combined with the compact design and short plasma cycle, the system maximizes through-put and minimizes cost of ownership.

Applications Plasma processes for pre-flip chip underfill, pre-die attach, pre-wire bond and pre-mold steps.

Plasma Contamination Removal & Cleaning

Fluorine & other halogens

Metals & metal oxides

Organic compounds

Plasma Etching

Roughen surfaces to improve adhesion and reduced delamination

Modify surfaces to increase bond strength and surface tension properties

Surface Activation

Improve flip chip underfill performance by minimizing voids, enhancing adhesion, increasing wicking speed and maximizing filet height uniformity

Improve mold material flow to eliminate voids and reduce wire sweep

Features and Benefits

Unique boat bypass feature optimizes productivity

Multiple inline plasma modules increase throughput

High uniform plasma treatment

Production ready dual lane boat handling

Ideal for pre-Flip-Chip Underfill (FCUF) processes